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Albania International Guitar Competition
8 – 11 December 2022   ON LINE Edition

Solo guitar

Albania International Guitar Festival is organizing the 2-nd International Competition for Classical Guitar, which will be held from 1-5 December 2021 ON LINE. Deadline video acceptance is 25 November
In the International youth competition can participate guitarists from any
Competition is divided into six categories

Youth Competition

–  Category Junior – 9 years and younger (birth year 2012 and younger).

Program: Max 5 minutes

–  Category I – 12 years and younger (birth year 2009 and younger).

Program: Max 7 minutes

–  Category II – 14 years and younger (birth year 2007 and younger).

Program: Max 10 minutes

–  Category III – 17 years and younger (birth year 2004 and younger).

Program: Max 13 minutes

–  Category IV – 19 years and younger (birth year 2002 and younger).

Program: Max 15 minutes

Albania International Guitar Competition

Category V – without age limit

Program: First round                – max 13 minutes

Second round                      – max 17 minutes

Category I, II, III, IV program is free, but evaluation criteria is the diversity of the program.
5.     In V category only the first round should have at least one work by various stylistic period in their program, the second round is free program but not the same pieces with first round.
Jury will choose five participants with the best points to advance at second
The program is played by heart and repetitions are not
Members of the jury listen to the whole program.
The order of presentation of the contestants in all categories will be based on the alphabetical
One competitor can compete only in two
Members of the jury are not entitled to vote for participants in the competition who are their pupils or students or have family
The jury’s decisions are
The Festival reserves the right of audio / TV recording of competitions and broadcast of these materials without being forced to get the permission of performers.
During the competitions jury members give rewards according to points:

I Reward from 93.00 until 100 points  II Reward from 88.00 until 92.99 points III Reward from 80.00 until 87.99 points Diploma 00.00 until 79,99 points

Results will be published after finishing each category. Competitors earn certificates for I, II and III reward, while others earn certificate for

In case that several competitors have the same scores, then sequential list will be decided by jury

The first prize for each category is won by the competitor who has the most

The jury reserves the right not to assign certain places and

The winner of a category cannot compete in the same category the following

The competition is open for the

19.  Participation fee:
Junior Category   –  20 Euro
Category I               –  20 Euro
Category II             –   30 Euro
Category III           –   30 Euro
Category IV           –    30 Euro
Category V             –  50 Euro


To include the entire competition program
Has no interruptions (edited videos are not allowed)
The recording file must have the MP4 extension, to be in the 16:9 rate, in landscape format (not portrait).
The minimum resolution should be HD-Ready 720p (1280×720px), 30 fps. Higher resolutions are allowed, but the 16:9 rate should be
The frame should be stable, the face and hands of competitors should be clearly visible at all times
The distance from the camera to the performer should be not less than 2 meters and not more than 4 meters
The candidate must upload in Youtube the video, and write his/her name, name of competition and the year in tittle . In the descriptions must write all program and other




November 9, 2021
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